Joshua Brennan may only be 19years old, but he has garnered the attention of millions under his Oshi moniker.

Despite a firework of curly, burgundy and larger-than-life head of hair, Oshi is the center of attention not only for his looks, but because of his off-the-walls antics and candid personality. Embodying the “no fucks given” attitude, Oshi is a teen producer based in Los Angeles by way of London. At only 19-years old, it might be hard to believe that Joshua Brennan is truly the one behind his emotionally stirring and starkly unique take on future bass music.

At only 17, he’d already collaborated with Skrillex and been supported by Soulection. Soon after, he caught the attention of major players like Mija, Tokimonsta and even Lorde while dabbling in the studio with R&B singer Omarion, Baauer and more.

The London teen has built a reputation for his unorthodox compositions, fusing genres and eluding music theory guidelines.

To jumpstart 2016, he transformed Kali Uchis’ reggae single “Ridin Round” into a viral melting pot of timbres that caught the attention of pop star Lorde.

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